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The Shad application was born in response to the widespread impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, serving as a virtual learning ecosystem for students, children and teenagers. Shad, the largest educational app in Iran, has been installed over 34 million times. Shad’s services include messaging, virtual classrooms, learning management systems, a secure search engine and a social network. Shad’s messaging service provides features such as audio conferences, live streaming, text messaging and exam tools and user surveys. The virtual class facilitates two-way interaction for teachers and students through a virtual whiteboard, file sharing, screen sharing, exams and polls. The LMS enables the administration of multiple-choice and free response tests, assignment submission and feedback, attendance tracking a teacher’s notebook for educational, disciplinary and curricular notes Furthermore, Shad’s social network provides a secure platform for users to share images and videos. Nearly the entire educational system in the country is part of Shad, allowing educational and entertainment institutions to reach a wide and targeted audience by offering their diverse products and services through the platform.