Data Center

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  • Design & Implementation

Our deep experience and the ability to manage complex mega projects have let us bring value for companies to lead their infrastructure investments effectively. Our great supply networks and partnerships allow us to have sufficient and valid sources to accomplish our mission with the expected level of quality aligned with our internal standards. Naghshe Aval Keyfiat Co.(NAK) can provide you with all the data centers’ components’ implementation either as a single service or a portfolio of implementation services according to your specific needs.

  • Operation & Maintenance

Our experience in the operation of telecom networks builds a strong foundation to support critical infrastructures such as data centers at an expected service level. We assure the business infrastructure is working well in every situation by offering E2E solutions: 1-Provide both HLD and LLD with accurate and precise BOQ. 2-Construction works and physical infrastructure. 3-Power and Electrical infrastructure both DC/AC. 4-Electromagnetic Structure. 5-Cooling systems. 6-Passive networks and required transmission infrastructure 7-Fire identifier and extinguisher 8-Access control and security management 9-Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) Key benefits: Security Enhancement. Network Stability Enhancement. Improved operational success and OPEX management.