Biometric Authentication

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Biometric authentication refers to a secure security process that verifies a user’s identity using unique physical and behavioral characteristics. Biometric authentication systems store this data to confirm a user’s identity when they attempt to access their account. In general, the concept of biometric authentication is dependent on the following three primary definitions:

  • Biometrics: The measurement and statistical analysis of biometric data.
  • Biometric indices or data: Unique physiological and behavioral features of individuals.
  • Biometric identification: The process of verifying a person’s identity using biometric indices.

Biometric authentication systems are based on controlling individuals’ access to information, environments, and specific devices. The way biometric authentication systems work is that your current information is recorded and stored. Biometric authentication systems have unique and distinct features that definitively complete the authentication process, including:

  • Integration with the data of legal organizations.
  • Detection of being alive.
  • Awareness of the non-misuse of identity information.
  • Utilization of various methods for biometric authentication.