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Rubika is one of the first domestic super applications with a wide range of services. It’s a secure platform that offers various services to users in at once. Rubika provides users with multiple features to perform activities such as bill payments, watching sports and TV programs, movies and series, connecting with other users and even engaging in some educational activities in a safe environment. Rubika currently has over 40 million monthly users and more than 25 million daily users. The primary and popular part of the Rubika application is call service, with over 5 million successful audio and video calls per day. Another feature of this application include the Rubino social network and the Rubika store. In the Rubino social network, users can share photos and videos. Also by having a Rubino channel or page, they can generate income by creating and sharing content. Additionally, in the latest Rubika feature which is named “Store,” users can easily buy and sell their desired products.